Discover the Amazing Business Side of Motor Racing

We live in a world and age where marketing is present in every single industry, niche and even every competition. The motor sport racing industry is not exempt from this rule. Specialized logistic services and motor sport marketing agencies have transformed this sport into one of the best places for corporations to advertise their brands.


Racing is far from being a passive sport, even though most teams say the contrary just to find new sponsors. The fact of the matter is that large corporations all around the world invest millions of dollars in advertising and marketing, making sure they make a name for themselves in front of hundreds of billions of fans from all over the world. For instance, Qatar Airways have made a name for themselves at big sporting events over the last few years, rising from an unknown airline company to one of the most appreciated airline in the world.

When it comes to racing, companies use high-end equipment to promote their services. Motor sports are a game changer indeed. The following facts prove it: As you can notice, Nascar fans are 3x more eager to buy a product or try a service promoted by one of Nascar’s sponsors.

Sponsors need to arouse a desire for familiarity and awareness into the eyes of the fans. Next on, fans become potential customers by expressing their opinions and by offering their feedback. In the end, they purchase the products offered by the sponsors and become part of the bigger marketing plan in the car and auto racing industry.

One of the most effective methods for sponsors to connect with their audience is by organizing large trade shows. At each trade show fans can discover more about their favorite team while trying the unique products and services offered by the sponsors. As a matter of fact, trade shows are those that have helped the racing industry step up to the next level. One of the most important trade shows in the country is PRI 2015, which will take place at the famous Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis.

The PRI has made a name for itself as a show that features the latest hardcore racing components and the best tools used by each racing team to get an edge over the competition. In addition to the technology and equipment used in the racing industry, at PRI 2015 you will also enjoy the best offers from the sponsors and you will get to interact on a personal basis with the most prolific corporations in this huge industry.

Reserve your spot here and come to discover the amazing business side of motor racing.